Activities to do during lockdown with kids...

1. Host a teddy bears picnic (doesn't have to be teddy bears, could be superheros, barbie, lego, toy story, monsters, dinosaurs, pirates and fairies etc).

2. Build a fort out of pillows, beds, furniture.... jelly?! Don't forget to add the no parents allowed sign!

3. Write and draw a postcard to someone you love and post it to show them you are thinking about them

4. Themed storytimes or start a family book club

5. Plant some seeds and watch them grow

6. Play cards or board games

7. Watch TV (you can't fill every minute of the day so give yourself a break)

8. Act out your own version of your favourite film. You haven't lived until you've seen your other half pretend to be Yoda/ Harry Potter/ Buzz Lightyear/ Wonder Woman/ Princess Elsa or Mulan.

9. Bake some tasty treats and cook

10. Movie night with blankets, pic n mix, mocktails, milkshakes and more!

11. Have a dress up day - knights and dragons lunch, going on holiday dinner, Disney breakfast, the possibilities are endless!

12. Get out side - look at the plants that grow, the nature, the wildlife and learn about their ecosystems.

13. Walk, run cycle, dance...hula!?

14. Make your own bird feeder.

15. Indoor picnic - think lots of chocolate!

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